Pride being L

18. November 2018
— 17. February 2019


Call for Submissions
Participation in the Exhibition Pride being L

The upcoming exhibition Pride being L poses the question: What does the L stand for in LGBTIQ?
What does it mean to be lesbian, to live a lesbian life today? The artistic engagement with L offers the possibility of shining a light on lesbian lifestyles and making them visible, of questioning stereotypes and putting one’s understanding of sexual orientation and gender to the test.
Has lesbian life – a life beyond sexualised images and clichés – reached the mainstream?

Some say that lesbians are invisible and that theirs is a dying identity. In view of the historically unique situation that several generations can show themselves openly in a more tolerant society, lesbians should have been able to increasingly make their presence felt over the years. (…) Furthermore, it seems that “queer” has become an alternative identity , which seems preferable to calling oneself “lesbian”. (Press release, Stephanie Kuhnen (ed.), Lesben raus! Für mehr lesbische Sichtbarkeit, Querverlag, 2017)

Our exhibition project Pride being L ist interested in personal as well as social positionings, which are artistically expressed by means of photography, video, sculpture, painting, drawing, graphic novel, staging space, installation or performance.
The work should be current and not more than two years old.

Please submit the following:
CV, photographs of the work(s) or data. Please DO NOT submit originals.
Up to five works can be submitted.
Important: Please include a personal statement, concept or description of the submitted work.
Application deadline: 7 October 2018
The submitted works will be judged and exhibited in the frauen museum wiesbaden from 18 November 2018 until 15 February 2019.
We intend to send the exhibition on tour afterwards.
Contact: frauen museum wiesbaden. Wörthstrasse 5 | 65185 Wiesbaden
phone +49(0)611 308 17 63 | info@frauenmuseum-wiesbaden.de