Education and the spreading of knowledge is a focal point for the Women’s Museum of Wiesbaden. Take a look through our many exciting options!

Group tours

The group tours give an overview of the ideas behind and conception of each exhibit and highlight chosen works to demonstrate key focal points and main themes.


Get to know the Wiesbaden Women’s Museum with a glass of Prosecco or with coffee and cake, and let yourself be led through the collections and current exhibits.

City walking tours

The exploration of women’s history in Wiesbaden is a focal point of the museum. Get to know both Wiesbaden and stories of historical women of the area through our dynamic tours.

Walk through the woods

On our nature walk through the Wiesbaden public woods, you will hear countless stories and myths related to forests and wilderness. Alongside these stories, you will hear about the natural history of the area.

Individual tours

You can book tours for private groups at any time. Our tours provide unforgettable experiences for occasions such as birthdays, company outings or special interest groups. We will gladly help you organize programs for your group.

School trips

Wiesbaden Women’s Museum considers itself a place for learning outside the classroom and a space for lively discussions on important community issues. Different projects and tours let participants vividly experience art, history, and culture. Our educational programs are directed at educators as well as young children, youth groups, and schools.

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Tours in English and Polish available on request.

Group Tour Prices

up to 10 visitors for 30 Euros (not including guests' entry fees)

up to 20 visitors for 60 Euros (not including guests' entry fees)

50 Euros for all foreign language tours.