Educational programs

The Wiesbaden Women's Museum offers a multifaceted educational opportunity for youth, school classes and kindergartens, including special events.

Children experience art

For children, the Wiesbaden Women's Museum is a place of cultural education and knowledge. The changing exhibits and varied themes offer a limitless potential to use art to aid a discussion of the city and cultural history.

The goal of our education service is to initiate discussion and dialogue with children and young people, to introduce new perceptions to the group, to break aesthetic stereotypes, to question taboos, and to reconsider cultural norms.

Just as important to us is to break down the barriers and apprehension surrounding the institution of museums or art itself, so that the joy and the wonderful unending contemplation and discovery of both foreign and familiar worlds becomes possible.

Contact us to arrange a time for school classes, kindergartens, and other youth to visit.