Archaeological Collection

The works of the 1993 exhibition ‘The Language of Goddesses’ laid the groundwork for the Wiesbaden Women’s Museum’s archaeological collection. Since then, over 400 more pieces have found their way into our collection, including figures of women and goddesses dating from the Stone Age to the present. Some of these items are available for viewing in the long term exhibit ‘Of Goddesses and Wisdom.’

Social History Collection

The Wiesbaden Women’s Museum extensive social history collection includes works representing everyday life in the past, as well as documentation of the city’s history, such as books, magazines, brochures, audio and visual materials, posters, household objects, and more. Thematic focuses include both the feminist movement as a whole, as well as the history of the women of Wiesbaden.

Art Collection

The Wiesbaden Women’s Museum’s art collection offers differing looks at contemporary women artists on the national and international stage. Featured art includes paintings, plastic work, drawings, photography, and more. The museum acquires the artwork through its own means, including the donations that help develop a more comprehensive collection.