Jutta Obenhuber/Caroline Krause

29. April
— 24. June 2018

Geometriesegmente - Landschaftsfragmente

“There are a some artists, like Caroline Krause and Jutta Obenhauer, who listen to the urges of their inner inventions and do their thing. Unconcerned about the booming noise of current trends, shrouded in silence they concentrate on the game of lights, the coloured shadows,on the details hidden in the completeness.
Out of superimposed layers and transparent surfaces networks, constructive structures, interior segments, scenic fragments, weak dawning stain compositions are born. The accentuation of fragments plays an important role in the work of both artists. The totality of the parts create the whole and concurrently a part can wear properties of the whole. Their independent- from each other´s - creative worlds meet like parallels in the infinity together.”